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MetaTank.net is designed to make administering your gaming community a pleasant experience. Track statistics, set goals, award, and create new ways to engage your friends and community members.

API. Bots. Automate.

Popular Integrations

Automation is key to making the lives of our selfless leaders easier. With native integration with the most popular platforms out there, we seek to mesh within the layers of your organizations infrastructure.

World of Tanks

First up is World of Tanks.

This project was originally started as a statistics development site for World of Tanks. To build a new, more interesting, and engaging system for WoT statistics.

With heavy integration with the Wargaming API. Clans will be able to collect and share data in new ways. Privacy being a key driver in the development, so your statistics will be available based on players preference.


Clan Beta Test Sign-up

Seeking clans of any size.

If your clan is interested in joining our test group. Please use the form below to signup! We greatly appreciate your input as we develop this product. We will alert you via email if you are selected to participate in the MetaTank.net Beta Testing.



Discord Integration & Server Management - Coming Soon

Manage your discord server. Custom notifications, administration, and much more...



Twitch Streamer? - Coming Soon

Too good to be true? Not only will your organization be able to manage unified streaming. Users will be able to manage their own twitch streams.

MetaTank Development Games-Applications-Services

Member Registration: LIMITED

Registrations Available: 0
  • Registration Online Testing
  • O-Auth Offline Development

Sites: Online

  • Site Creation Automation Online
  • Sub Domain Automation Online
  • Custom Domains Automation Online
  • SSL Certificates Online Testing
  • Blog Online Testing Development

Application Settings: Online

  • General Org Settings Online
  • Stripe Gateway Online Demo Mode
  • Wargaming API Settings Online Testing Development
  • Discord Testing Development

Servers: Online

  • Database Online
  • Web Server Online
  • Discord Bot Online
MetaTank Features
Development: Started
  • Custom Sub-Domain Review
  • Custom Domain Review
  • SSL Automation Review
  • Application Configuration Review
  • Custom Website Testing
  • Blog System Started
  • User Profile & Account Started
  • Dedicated Site Resources Started
  • Administration Dashboard Started
  • File Share Management Started
  • Recruitment Pending
  • Member Reputation Pending
  • Discord Server Templates Pending
  • MetaTankAPI Pending
  • Org Funding Account / Credit system Pending
  • DNS Management Pending
  • Game Server Management Pending
Updated: 01/20/21


As we continue to develop MetaTank - we will be constantly adding features and integrations for the applications and games you use most.

Development: Started
  • World of Tanks Started
  • Star Citizen Pending
  • Arma 3 Pending
  • Final Fantasy XIV Pending
Updated: 01/21/21
Development: Started
  • Discord Started
  • Guilded Pending
  • Twitch Pending
  • Github Pending
  • MatterMost Pending
  • Slack Pending
  • SMS Pending
Updated: 01/18/21

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